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Peter Bird   

A unique Visionary Artist.


Peter is an outstanding and Unique Visionary Artist, He is self taught, and stands reassuringly outside the  mainstream of mediocre establishment art that has blighted our age. Yet to label him an Outsider Artist would belittle the depth and scope of his achievement, both in  terms of the Creative  Visionary power of his Iconic images  and the phenomenal craftsmanship and care that go into  their making.


The fantastical visionary worlds Peter creates may evoke long lost imaginary cultures, or magical worlds that exist parallel to our own or  strange architectures and artifacts from a bizarre and alien future. We must decide for ourselves as we enter into his mysterious visionscapes.


Peters work is complex, obsessive and exacting in detail and produced with an intuitive  skill and sense of geometry , often epic in scale,yet always minutely focused. It  is astounding to grasp that all Peters intricate arabesque designs are done freehand, no rulers or compasses are used, no pre planning, just the power of the eye and a meticulous and patient hand. Most artist simply do not have that combined level of visual imagination and craft skill at their disposal.


His Art makes use of found cultural and natural objects, which become totally transformed by his working process into the world of his own mythos  These works are Hypnotic and jewel like ,They are here to delight ,astound, move and challenge us  both emotionally spiritually and intellectually.

                                                                    Peter started on his  Journey  producing  magical and ornate 2 D works , but as his art has progressed he now  adds  ambitious large scale sculptural works to his project, and His  elegant  unique bespoke art furniture  is  also increasingly attracting collectors.


Cyprus has always been a melting pot resonating with the lives, Arts and histories of Mediterranean and near eastern  people. It is significant that the imprints of these diverse cultures  have come to resonate powerfully in Peters work .They celebrate stylistic  eclectism, and yet look with a discerning eyes and you will find echoes of the oldest of  the archaic cultures of Cyprus. As well as  a fascination with  many other ancient cultures of our world.


Cyprus is a fitting location for a visual artist of Peters Stature and sensitivity and dedication. For many years his work was  associated with The Cyprus college of Art and the Cornaro Institue where he lived, had his studio and was a long term artist in residence. Now in a new  and exciting  studio  project in  larnaca, he continues to  create works of outstanding Creative Vision achievement and phenomenal craftsmanship.


I hope that This first Major exhibition of Peter Birds work in Cyprus. Will delight and amaze all who see it. And that Peters long term and until recently little recognised contribution to the cultural renaissance of Cyprus will be Celebrated.

 Phil Bird 2018

Monday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm

Kitium Art Residencies

17 Polygyros Street, Larnaka

6018, Cyprus

Studio Opening times
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